Annie Minogue - the grittiness of Melissa Etheridge and the lyrical qualities of Alanis Bushwackers
the Harrison based Nationally competitive drum and bugle corps
Radio Free Eireann 
Listen to live and archived programs!
Paul Clements NJPAC schedule  Irish Emigrant
(planet wide, weekly) 
Moon - from Scotland, this band has been featured regularly on MTV show 'Real World'

Newark Bears Stadium

The Union County Police
and Fire Pipes and Drums

 Rocky's Readings
culture &history (NY weekly)

Pictures and maps of Newark

New York/New Jersey Red Bulls Soccer Team

 Andersonstown News
(Belfast, weekly)
Gun - this band from Scotland has toured all over Spain and Scotland and the world! New Jersey Online
(Newark, daily)
 Irish Times 
(Dublin, daily)
blue number nine
one funky band! 
Personal Computer Show (New York, weekly) NY Amateur Computer Club Irish Famine Genocide Committee
A wealth of history and recent discoveries about Ireland.
"There is no crime even invented by Eastern or Western barbarians, no torture or Roman persecution or Spanish Inquisition, no tyranny of Nero or Alva but can be matched in history of England in Ireland." (Thackery, 1846)
Doc Lawrence and the
Blues Fix
Chris Nosti All About Beer magazine  Irish News
( Belfast, daily)
Morning Star Rock the River
with Friends of the
Passaic River
News Hound
US oriented news of Ireland daily
Carol Barbieri Valuable links from 
Green Party
Glasgow Celtic Football Club
Tracey Lockwood Save the planet with
Project Earth
 The Pat Finucane Centre for human rights
The Crayons scotlandthegreen  Irish Voice
(New York, weekly)
Rika Shinohara St. Columcille Pipe Band 

 Belfast Telegraph
(Belfast, daily) amazingly, has articles by
Eamonn McCann